Are you suffering with Lyme? Then by now, you have probably tried everything without success. Don't give up because this approach is the best one we know to address the underlying causes rather than just trying to treat the symptoms.

Most people with Lyme are in quite a weakened condition. So first, you will spend a month or so working to strengthen your body, specifically your stomach, kidneys, digestion and pH. You must be able to properly digest your food to get the nutrients to be healthy. Your kidneys must be strong to be able to handle any detoxification. pH is crucial for many reasons. One is that bacteria thrive in an anaerobic environment. An alkaline pH creates an oxygen-rich environment. A one point increase in pH equals a ten-fold increase in tissue oxygen. If you are not very weak you may be able to skip the strengthening phase.

You will also use some specific mud pack procedures to clear the effects of Interference Fields - old injuries (scars, surgeries, broken bones, traumas, tattoos) or toxic sites that damage the normal nerve flow and energy flow through the internal meridians. These Interference Fields often reflex to the stomach and intestines, continually weakening them.

Once the pH is balanced and your stomach and digestion are working well, it's time to go after the spirochete bacteria. We will gradually ramp up the amount of Premier HCL until you are taking 25-30 capsules after each meal, for at least 3 weeks, in some cases as long as 4-6 weeks. If you are wondering about taking this much HCL, note that this is the normal amount of hydrochloric acid the stomach would produce in a day in a healthy 20-year old; but you must get your stomach strong so it can once again handle this required amount of HCL. The HCL strips the outer layer off the spirochetes so the immune system can actually read their protein codes that were "hidden" before and attack and eliminate them.

Follow The Instructions Below For 2-3 Months:

(Do not use this program if pregnant or nursing)

Alkalize Your Body

Alkaline minerals are essential for proper pH balancing, whole body oxygenation, all metabolic functions of the cell and elimination of any toxic substances.

Eat an 80 % alkaline forming diet (see food chart) including lots of green vegetables, drink lots of green juices like kale, celery and cucumber and use the D3 and Premier Greens (my 1st choice) or the pH Trio (Coral Legend, AloePro, D3 Serum). Do not use the Coral if your kidneys are weak. If you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome or digestive concerns, you may want to steam or cook your vegetables, limit t dairy, meat, standard animal products, soda, sugar and grains.

Use GastroVen for 4 days before starting the rest of the program. Empty 3 Vcaps into hot water, steep for 10-15 minutes, drink 3 times per day before meals. If you have a weak stomach or interference fields possibly reflexing to the stomach, then continue with Gastroven for the duration of the program. If you have no problem with digestion or with any of the supplements, especially the higher doses of HCL, then you can stop the Gastroven at that point.

Take The Following Supplements Twice Per Day:

Premier HCL - This is the main player. HCL is normally produced by your stomach for digestion and as protection against micro-organisms. But as we age, we don't produce enough. The HCL promotes adequate stomach digestion and strips the outer layer off the spirochetes. Start with one Vcap after each meal. In the Strengthening Phase (first month or two), gradually build up to 2-6 immediately after meals (6-18 Vcaps per day). Once your pH is balanced and your are comfortable with the higher amounts of HCL, then continue increasing each day until you are taking 25-30 Vcaps after each meal (75-90 per day). If you don't eat meat or can avoid it during the program, then 25 per meal is adequate. If you eat meat, then 30 Vcaps per meal is necessary.

HCL Activator - 3 Vcaps per day. Take 1 immediately after meals. During the 21-day Detox phase, this product is optional, if you need to save money.

RenaVen - Superb kidney support, crucial when clearing the blood stream of waste products. 2 Vcaps per meal.

Premier Greens - Supports broad spectrum strengthening and DNA repair. Provides a consistent supplementation of every nutrient necessary for optimal health, including broad-spectrum, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, immune boosters and other phytonutrients. 2 tsp per day or more, 2 tbsp when trying to get alkaline.

Premier EFAs (liquid or caps) - Helps restore & maintain essential fatty acid balance. 2 tsp. or 4 caps daily.

Do the following Mud Pack/Foot Bath Procedure:

This entire procedure will be done once - not necessary to continue every month.

Mud Packs - see instruction sheet for Medi-Body Pack - Therapeutic-Grade Clay applied externally to draw out deeply embedded toxins, including heavy metals (mercury), dioxin, petrochemicals, aniline residues (from injected anesthetics) and more, including wholesale toxin release: can eliminate up to 50% of the local bio-accumulation of toxic elements in a single application.

You will do 2 or 3 packs per day (less if you are weak), one at a time and follow them with a foot soak (Medi-Bath), until you have applied 2 mud packs on each of the following 6 areas, in the order listed.

Skip at least one day between days you do the packs, just get to them all twice.
Feet - can alternate each foot, pack one at a time (doing both feet in one day).
2.Hands - same instructions as feet.
Kidneys - same instructions as feet.
5.Left & Right Intestines (Colon) - same as feet.
6.Any interference fields (old scars, surgeries, broken bones, tattoos and traumas) on the torso (from the chin to pubic bone). Do them one at a time until you've packed each at least two or three times. These are the ones that could reflex to/weaken the stomach and it's ability to tolerate the HCL.

This is 18 or more packs and will take at least 12 days total. The Medi-Body Pack jar comes with enough powder to make 15 packs, so you will need at least 2 jars.

In addition to the Medi-Body Pack, you will also need the following 2 products to make the mud pack:

Premier HCL caps

Detox-ND - a second bottle just for the packs

Foot Bath(also called Medi-Bath or Medi-Blast): Medi-Body Bath - deeply purifying foot bath that directly pulls toxins from various pathways in the body. It is especially important after using the Medi-Body Pack to avoid other areas of the body from "jamming" from the released toxins after a Medi-Body Pack detox session. Comes with enough for 2 soaks per bottle. You will need to do a soak each day you do the packs, so you will do at least 6 soaks, and need at least 3 bottles.

Optional Products (add on your own as needed):

AloePro - although this is included in the pH Trio above, we suggest drinking even more daily to help soothe your intestines. Aloe is the feel good product - the more you drink, the better you feel.

Colostrum Powder- Probiotic/digestive support, functions as a stand-in or back-up immune system, supports normal bowel movements, helps normalize appetite. 1 tsp or tbsp blended in water or juice at breakfast.

Nucleo Immune - Promotes rapid cellular rejuvenation and immune response, especially during cold and flu (studies show ingredients can dead stop a cold), helps liver and intestines. 6 per day.

Coconut Oil - Great for fighting parasites , strips protein coating off of bacteria, parasites, viruses so immune system can get at them easier. 2-3 tsp. per day.

Allicidin - Contains ingredients that provide spectacular immune-specific support against fungal and bacterial organisms, especially in mouth, intestines and urinary tract. High capacity for biofilm destruction and para cleansing, 6 Vcaps per day.

Max B-ND - To help with fatigue and liver support. Only live-source vitamin B complex in the world - stress, brain support & high energy. Unique, live-source end-chain B vitamins for maximum stress, brain, liver support, high energy and more. Usually our 1st choice to up-regulate the liver.
1/2 to 1 tsp, twice daily in water, sip slowly 10-15 minutes, hold each sip 2-3 seconds before swallowing (important).

AdrenaVen - To help with fatigue. Supports adrenal rejuvenation for fluid balance (constipation), better sleep, energy, calm mood and more. Use for 6 weeks. 12 Vcaps per day (6 at breakfast, 6 at lunch) for 3 weeks then 9 Vcaps per day (6 at breakfast, 3 at lunch) for 3 weeks, never take late in day.

Once on the full program, make sure you are having regular bowel movements.

If experiencing constipation, you can add the following products:

Premier Cleanse - To help clear out pockets of waste in the intestines, which are breeding grounds for parasites. Gentle but thorough intestinal cleansing that helps body eliminate constipation. Comes in powder or capsules. 2 Vcaps per meal or 1 tsp. of powder in juice or water 20 minutes before eating, twice per day.

Galactan - Great-tasting, fiber-rich nutrition from arabinogalactan; promotes enhanced immunity. Promotes healthy, complete bowel eliminations and gastrointestinal health. Supports beneficial GI microflora. Take 2 tbs. daily in liquid or food.

Noni - Supports normal bowel function when nothing else seems to help (especially in severe constipation), helps rejuvenate large and small intestines, also provides thyroid and mood support. 10 - 20 Vcaps per meal until unassisted bowel movement, then decrease by 3 every 3 days (as long as still having unassisted movement).

Also, be sure to consume the 5 Elements For Proper Bowel Elimination:

1.Water - body weight in ounces every day, less if eating primarily fruits and vegetables.
2.Salt - use our Pink Salt, which is not processed, heated or demineralized table salt (even most sea salt is processed). You can also do our Pink Salt Flush.
3.Probiotics - eat fermented foods or miso (best brand is Yamabuki plain, not dark variety). If prior antibiotic use, then use our 12-strain Probiotic Caps for 1-2 months - Certified as 6.25 times stronger than any other lactic acid bacteria, fully live raw nutrient concentrate, not freeze-dried. 2-4 Vcaps per day, 20 minutes prior to breakfast.
4.Bulking agents - eat fiber foods in your diet and/or use our Premier Cleanse or Galactan above.
Essential Fats - use our Premier EFAs (part of Super Nutrient Trio above) and avoid all cooked (except Coconut Oil), partially hydrogenated or fractionated oils. If you weren't breast fed or are experiencing long-term symptoms, there could be damage or weakness in the intestinal lining. Then add Galactan.

Additional Information:

Cleanse Reactions - If you are not alkaline or your kidneys are weak, the Lyme program can activate cold/flu like symptoms or any other kind of previously experienced symptoms. This should not alarm you, it is a sign that the detox program is working. Like any other cleansing reactions the old symptoms usually will re-manifest for a short time as the toxins are being released from the body. However, to minimize this, increase the Kidney Complex. If your pH is out of range, increase the Coral Legend and Aloe Drink, eat mostly alkaline foods and focus on getting alkaline.

We cannot legally claim that this program will eliminate Lyme, but this is our favorite natural and non-toxic approach. Without being able to muscle test you (kinesiologically), we need to estimate more of each product vs. less. This should be an adequate quantity for most people, but in some cases if you are well above 150 lbs. or have many interference fields, you may need higher amounts. If you are in the Orange County area, it is best to schedule an appointment for our Quantum Reflex Analysis testing. We can be more focused on exactly what you need, which may save you time and money.


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