Emotional Repolarization Technique

Emotional Repolarization Technique (ERT) is an extremely simply yet dramatic method of identifying and eliminating emotional burdens which can prevent healing to the body. We have found that emotions from past events can inhibit a person's ability to; lose weight; overcome addictions, sleep restively and move on with a job or a relationship. Even though an individual has good intentions, many times the behavior is a result of an event, which occurred in the past. As soon as this emotion is triggered the body responds through the behavior pattern, which is imbedded in the bio-field. You can see how this can prevent progress and impact an individual's ability to move forward with their life. Over time, unless these emotional body burdens are eliminated, chronic illness is often the result.

Limbic-emotional complexes (LEC's) prevent the body's bio-field from returning to its normal healthy rhythm. In practice, we use QRA to identify the physiological reaction the client has to memories from the past. Once these thought patterns and sometimes their cause are identified, we use a highly specialized re-integration process to clear the emotion or emotions, which is acting as an interference field to the bio-field. This allows the body to re-balance to a normal physical and emotional state. Just as you can retrain an athlete's muscle memory, you can retrain these negative thought processes using ERT.

Significant events that create this emotional burden can include, divorce, accidents, loss of money, rape, as well as parental insecurity or abuse. These memories cause emotional stress to the body and elicit fear and insecurity. With QRA, the emotional burden or burden's can be identified and repolarized using this non-invasive ERT system. This emotional trauma can be cleared in just 21 days of consecutive therapy, which takes only minutes per day and can be done in the comfort of your home or office.

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